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Catchin’ Dreams

I have a friend who is free-spirited, caring and most of all… a dreamer. I made her this crocheted dreamcatcher necklace for Christmas.


Baby it’s cold outside

It’s dropped into the 40’s this past week and that’s mighty chilly for this SoCal baby. This beanie will surly keep his ears nice-n-toasty.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Zander, the hipster baby, has a newsboy beanie to add to his ever-growing collection of hip apparel.

Lil birdie for Lil Z

I woke up this morning. Smiled at the rising sun. Found this lil birdie by my doorstep…

Seeing Double

Inspired by Zander’s plush zebra toy, I crocheted lil Z a matching beanie. Just like lookin’ in a mirror…