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[Long Sleeve] Tees for Tykes

After looking around for some new (stylish) long sleeve shirts for my ever-growing baby boy with very little luck I was on a mission to make him some myself. This, in addition to my Upcycle project was a good excuse to get my hubby to go through his overflowing dresser full of clothes – mostly t-shirts. He has the largest t-shirt collection of anyone I know. Considering I’m an Inker, it’s pretty astonishing I’M not the one with the larger t-shirt collection. Making a small dent in his collection, he let go of about a dozen shirts. Using the 90 minute shirt tutorial from one of my favorite blogs, I transformed my husbands old shirts into brand new long sleeve shirts for my sweet Zander. The first version I made (navy with white trim) took MUCH longer than 90 minutes (more like 300 minutes), but I’m thrilled to say I can make him a shirt in LESS than 90 minutes now! Hope this inspires you to think twice about your next Goodwill donation.


Diaper Cake Motorcycle

Inspired by a diaper motorcycle at a friends babyshower, my sister-in-law and I created this biker baby bundle. It includes various goodies I made for the baby:

bib = mudflap
burpie = seat saddle
shoes = biker boots
crocheted hat = helmet
blanket = handbars

Comfy Kimono Shoes

I made these kimono shoes for a 5th generation Japanese baby! Quite fitting if I do say so.  He is only about 5 weeks old now, so they fit him perfectly. The pattern for these shoes are pretty small, which can make it tough to sew. The instructions are easy to follow though, so give it a try!

Boots with the…fleece

I made these boots a few months ago for Z and whadaya know, he’s already outgrown them! I used the 12 month pattern from I Think Sew. Last I went to their site, it was down, but I’m hoping they’ll come back up. They have tons of great, easy to follow patterns. Making these were a bit tricky, but totally doable. Just remember to switch the Velcro and buttons of the flap on the opposite shoe, or else you’ll wind up with ‘2 left feet’ (like I did the first time around). Now sing it with me…”Boots with the fleece”…”The band-aids make everything complete”